Spiritual Violence

by Live or Leave



released January 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Live or Leave Baku, Azerbaijan

Live Or Leave - Azeri Alternative/NuMetal/PostMetal band
The Band was formed in 2010, april 17th.
The band has 2 members:
Ferid Mayilov - vocalist, guitarist, songwriter
Anar Hamidov - bassist, programming, mixing, mastering

The band performed in a lot of live concerts, shows, festivals, and national Eurovision selection.
Guys do not like to stay in one genre of music and they like to experiment
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Track Name: Deadly court
I felt to my knees
But I move on
They cut my hands and thoughts off
But I kept crawling
I should have reach that aim
My spirit’s not broken
There were people around
They watched my every move
They didn’t give a shit
They were faceless
My spirit didn’t let me stop
Inside I was carrying chaos to this world
I wanted us to be condemned
I reached the center, dispelled chaos
Gloom swallowed the world
Deadly court has happened to guiltiness
But died they all
Track Name: Raised up
Now you know how it feels to fuck up
Raised up, raised up

Every single floor that these years were raised up
Raised up, raised up

Breaking this vicious circle!
Going along the thorns way!

Raised up, raised up
Track Name: Thousand eyes
Thousand eyes Looк at me
leeches dig into the skin
Im melting into the floor
the death come through the door

time please end this shit
life please dont repeat
Im loosing my mind
Im exploding inside